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Free alternative to AddThis. Available stand-alone or Wordpress plugin.There are many ways to share content on the web - email, social bookmarking, printing, and even saving the page locally.Current solutions include having a mess of links on your site and/or centralized solutions that track every visitor and click that occurs on your site.Share is the 100% open source solution that makes sharing and spreading your content easier than ever, all while giving you complete control. More Info »Features of the Share script include: * Ability to save pages to social sites like Facebook, Digg, Delicious, Google, Yahoo, and more * Ability to email your friends * Ability to save the page as a PDF or Word doc * Ability to print the page * Fully extensible with a plugin system. Add any social site you want. You can even add IM, SMS, and more! * Complete stat tracking - see what pages are being shared, how they are being shared, over any time period * 100% open source. We support the Open Share Icon, and you can edit the script however you want * Pre-configured as a Wordpress Plugin

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