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Relay Network

People are more connected than ever before. It's an unprecedented time where people can communicate with each other in an instant. Mobile and social media have given us an easy and immediate connection to anyone and anything at any time. At the same time, there's been a major shift towards customer-centered communications. With the proliferation of mobile, there's a growing emphasis on data-driven, just-in-time, personalized information that meets consumers' increasing expectations regarding interactions with the businesses in their lives. More Info »Despite these major trends, businesses have not been able to make the shift. While mobile has created a compelling opportunity to better service customers, most businesses haven't approached it as a customer care vehicle. When it comes to communications, they're still relying on channels that fall short of delivering the kind of experience that customers now expect. Relay set out on a mission to change how businesses and customers communicate for the purpose of improving customer experiences. And, we recognize that this starts with a connection. Relay is fundamentally different because unlike traditional channels that are based on pushing information to an inbox, Relay is about connecting businesses and their customers on their own channel built for private, two-way communications. Applying the social approach to customer communications, Relay is built on a network graph, creating new opportunities for businesses to pull in and streamline relevant, accurate, contextual information for its customers from partners, internal business units and third parties. Because it's rooted in a connection, the customer is always known: information passes seamlessly between both sides, messages are routed intelligently, and all communications are tracked and stored in the cloud for the customer to access at any time, from any device.

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