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Marketeer helps you to talk to your customers by the channel they love. Marketeer with its unique machine learning environment improve customer acquisition & retention with the least amount of resources.Today, engaging and giving the right support is a challenge. Customers contact us using different channels that are difficult to handle. With Marketeer you have one-place to talk with your customers from the channel that they like most: Facebook, Email, Web, Mobile or even Phone. More Info »In addition, Marketeer's technology reduces the time you spend communicating with your customers by up to 90% while improving customer satisfaction. So you can create your Business Bot for helping you to engage more while improve your customer satisfaction.The big advantage of Marketeer is that it enables marketing/sales to benefit from all these features without having the IT department behind, including a platform that proactively learns from interactions to give self-response to users, reducing effort and time consuming.Marketeer, the smartest way to talk with your customers.

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