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Chatra is next generation live chat that looks and feels like a mobile messenger your clients are already used to using. It has all the features to let you concentrate on live communication and bringing WOW-experience to your site visitors:Chatra works everywhere - even on Nintendo 3DS,It keeps complete chat history, unsent messages included,It lets you see what your clients write before they hit sent - time saving and WOW-effect at once,Correct typos after you send the reply,Add your colleagues to conversation to make sure all needed attention is given,Chats can be reviewed by as many agents as you like,Conversations are encrypted on all plans.Even anonymous visitors get personalized touch with names as Vivid Green and Deep Pink,Chatra can be installed on as many websites as you need,Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android allow chatting both from the office and on the go.Having more features than a Swiss Army Knife, Chatra lets you collect feedback and deliver happiness in real-time, beautifully.

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