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Gutuma was born out of the need for free mailing list / newsletter software that is geared, not towards mass-marketing companies and spammers, but web developers who need a system that can be easily integrated with an existing web site. It's very easy to install and use, and doesn't even require a database, but it still has lots of powerful features. Internally, Gutuma uses the tried and tested Swift mailer for sending messages, and the SACK library for AJAX subscribe requests.Features Minimal installation and configuration Secure storage of lists with no database required Multiple address lists Import and export of addresses to and from CSV files MD5 protected logins Emails sent with both HTML and auto-generated of plain text versions Can use SMTP, UNIX Sendmail and PHP mail() and will automatically try another method if one fails Wizard for creating subscribe gadgets for your website, including AJAX gadgets Newsletters can be saved as drafts Batched deliveries - which can be sent using a cron task

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Inspired by @ProductHunt Built with Online Tools