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Mara Marketing Automation is a cloud application to empower ecommerce marketers to increase sales and conversion rate with a suite of features, tailored to each client needs. It starts by tracking site visitors actions, build their profiles and deliver relevant and personalized messages to each of them at the right time.Some of the features:Advanced user segmentation. Users can be segmented by any of their profile attributes or real time actions. This is the base for every campaign type, on any channel.Site Personalization - Messages can be displayed on your website as personalized widgets, pop-ups, banners in order to target a specific user with the right message: voucher, free shipping or collect extra information about it's profile.Polls&Surveys - You can gather visitor feedback and find answers to your questions from your users using our easy to use polls. Questions can include Net Promoter Score, simple text answers or one/multiple answers from a list.Product recommendations. Our internal recommender engine syncs with your product feed and has lots of default recommendation algorithms to embed the results on the existing page (product, category, checkout or any other) or inside the outgoing email.Omni-channel campaigns. Campaigns can be delivered across email, site, push notification or text. Our built-in drag&drop editors will help you create powerful visuals to convert better your visitors.Retargeting. Trigger a message based on an event or time-based condition for each customer, in order to bring him back to the website or convert right away.Push notifications - The newest feature with it's best usage in mobile apps is now available on the web. Retarget people who left your website when they are online on any other website.Mara pricing is very flexible and is based on the monthly active users. It starts at just $9 for small websites. The platform is very powerful, with lots of features in order to make it easy to work for your needs.

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